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A Good Idea: Attending Medical School Career Fairs

by Janet Snoyer in Medical School Fairs No Comments
Going to a Medical School Fair

Whether you are preparing to submit your application this summer or you are waiting to hear back from schools for interviews or admission, going to a medical school career fair is an opportunity you should take advantage of. Everyone who attends a medical school fair has the chance to network with and learn from current medical students, admissions staff, and other premeds.

If you are a premed who has yet to apply to medical school, the workshops and information at the fair may help you decide which medical disciplines interest you most. The information you gather about particular schools and their application process can help you narrow your list of schools and programs to apply for.

Medical schools send representatives to fairs in order to recruit a diverse applicant pool. For a premed who has already applied to medical schools and is waiting for an invitation to interview or a letter of acceptance, the medical school fair gives admissions offices their chance to meet you. The fair offers you an opportunity to build a connection with admissions representatives and distinguish yourself from other applicants. When the admissions officer meets you in person, it’s like a pre-interview – they get a sense of you they can’t get from combing through your application and that gives you an edge.

Take our word for it – go to the fair. Stay tuned for our next blog article about how to prepare for the event.


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