Comprehensive Advising Services

Prepare for Success

We offer individualized advising to support your unique path to medical school. Wherever you are in the premed or application process, The Mentoring Alliance can start supporting and strengthening your candidacy. For more information about our services and pricing, please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our advisors.

You and your advisor will create your narrative and compose a checklist of additional experiences that will help improve your candidacy. Together, we will follow a detailed timeline to optimize your success in the admissions cycle.

We will discuss your vision for your medical training as well as the schools’ missions and recruiting strategies to determine a range of schools and programs that are a good fit for you.

We will guide you as you build your narrative based on your personal stories and experiences so that you can write application essays that speak to your strengths and provide evidence of your attributes and competencies.

We will review your primary application essays, supplemental application essays, and letters to schools, guiding you to expand and polish your thoughts as you ground them in your experience.

We will walk through interview questions and etiquette together, provide constructive feedback, and send you off with a sense of support and self-confidence.

We will strategize about the best ways to keep in touch with the schools you applied to during the application cycle, as well as how to distinguish yourself among the applicants on wait lists.

Throughout the application cycle, we will provide relevant information so you can make informed decisions. When you are accepted to medical school, we will support you in deciding which offer is best for you.

You will create a professional social media presence and begin a lifelong habit of networking with like-minded colleagues. We will connect you with medical school students who want to support you as an applicant. This is why we call ourselves The Mentoring Alliance.

Working Together

The Advising Process

Guided Conversations

Through phone or video call conversations, we will articulate your aspirations and your credentials, discuss how to accomplish your goals and manage your time, and address obstacles to your candidacy.

Structured Writing

Based on your free-written responses to prompts about your values, your experiences, and your competencies, we will develop your unique narrative that will become the foundation of compelling application essays.

Holistic Counseling

We will encourage and facilitate your development of inner emotional resources and resilience, and the confidence to show them, providing suggestions and materials along the way.

Complimentary Consultation

On our first phone call, we will discuss your current situation, the questions that you are seeking advice on, and what you are looking for in an advisor. If you are interested in working with a Mentoring Alliance advisor, we will write up a personal agreement based on where you are in the application cycle.