What Medical School Students Are Saying

Ari Bernstein | Albert Einstein College of Medicine Class of 2020

In what can be an incredibly mysterious and mind-boggling application process, Janet Snoyer serves as a beacon of clarity and wisdom. My experience working with Janet has made this grueling journey significantly more manageable. Her detailed insight into the specifics of each medical school and her necessary directness when you need to hear it most allowed me to hone in on my own core values and be the best possible applicant I could be. Janet guided me through an emotionally challenging experience with having to retake the MCAT exam and helped me emerge from the other side a stronger applicant than I ever thought possible. Now, after having been accepted to multiple medical schools in my ideal geographical area, I can confidently say that Janet’s wise words and unconditional support are an invaluable resource to any student applying to medical school.

Edi Kapetanovic | Yale School of Medicine Class of 2017

Life is easier when you have someone you trust to guide you through a difficult and convoluted process like applying to medical school. Janet Snoyer gained my trust with her vast knowledge and expertise in the medical school application process. She is extremely attentive to applicants’ dreams and desires and genuinely wants to help them achieve their goals. Whether I needed help with essays or preparing for interviews, Janet Snoyer always gave me valuable advice that helped me accomplish the challenge/task at hand. I highly recommend Janet Snoyer to all the future medical school applicants, as I truly believe that her guidance will put you in a better position to make your medical school dreams a reality.

Baher Guirguis | University of Kentucky School of Medicine Class of 2019

Today I had my White Coat ceremony. It was so wonderful, and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. There were a few moments where I had to hold back my tears, because I couldn’t believe that I was there and that it was finally happening. There were times over the past 2 years when I thought I would never be able to fulfill my dream, so to finally have it happen was overwhelmingly great. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and guidance. The process of applying would have been miserable without you, and you were a constant source of encouragement which I really appreciated. I wanted to take this time again to let you know that I am very grateful for all your help throughout my medical school application process. It was great working with you and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without your help. I am enjoying medical school so much.

Hiroshi Hikida | Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2018

Janet is a truly unique and wonderful counselor who takes time to help her students. At my undergraduate institution I truly felt like just another number, but not with Janet. She actually cares about each of her students, a lot. She not only helps you get into medical school, but helps you grow as a person as well. She helped me to get into medical school 3 years ago after failing at my first attempt. Despite numerous obstacles that made admission difficult, she worked with me to show medical schools who I really am, beyond my MCAT scores and GPA. Medical school admission is a difficult process, regardless of scores and extracurriculars, and Janet helped to highlight what makes me a unique applicant. I was accepted within 3 months of working with Janet and my life has never been the same. I have loved every moment of medical school and have excelled in classes and at board examinations despite not getting accepted my first time applying. She saw the potential in me, and helped schools to see it too. I recommend Janet to ANYONE applying to medical school. If you are already a competitive candidate, she will help you get into an even better school. If you are struggling to get in, she will help you reach your dreams. Thank you Janet!

Daniel F. Leach III | University of Florida College of Medicine Class of 2021

I grew up in South Africa. Seeing the poverty and destitution in many areas of the country motivated me to pursue a career in medicine even as a young child to alleviate the suffering of others. But, after two unsuccessful attempts at applying to medical school, I felt my lifelong purpose was in doubt. Reaching out to Janet was a life changing decision. Compared to all my premed advisers, Janet was the most emotionally supportive. I finally felt someone was on my side in the callous and unforgiving nature of the medical school application process; someone who truly cared about what I had to go through. She meticulously combed through my applicant profile and reminded me that I had many unique things to offer to medical schools. She worked tirelessly to revamp my application, restructuring my personal statement from a mountain of information into a cohesive story. Her detailed knowledge of medical schools enabled me to finally apply to the right ones for me. She always made time to speak to me over the phone or Skype to answer my questions and to make sure I was doing well emotionally. And before each interview, she coached me with practice questions and told me exactly what I needed to do to show my interviewers that I was an exceptional candidate. Thanks to Janet, I’m at a medical school I could only have dreamed of going to. I’m almost done with my second year and preparing to take my first board exam. Her work has enabled me and countless other medical students to not only pursue their dreams, but also to have the opportunity to make the world a better place. I encourage you not hesitate to contact her. She will guide you through your journey to medical school, regardless of your struggles whether they be academic, financial, or emotional. I’m eternally grateful to Janet and I firmly believe that without her I would not have been able to go to medical school. Thank you so much, Janet! You will always be in my heart and mind.

Kristina Dunworth | Graduate of Cornell University Class of 2017

I had a very successful application cycle, and all of your advice proved accurate and helpful time and time again. Having a knowledgeable person who could speak from experience rather than from speculation or rumors saved me from going down many a student-doctor-network rabbit hole. Getting your support and input helped shape my application in a memorable and balanced way that I would not have been able to do on my own or with generic advice. Lastly, given the stressful, drawn-out, and foreign nature of the application process, having an experienced advisor gave me invaluable confidence to navigate the process successfully.

Adam | Sidney Kimmel Medical College - Thomas Jefferson University Class of 2023

That big date, April 30th just passed and I’m so happy to share the news with you that I’ve committed to going to SKMC at Jefferson this Fall!!! It’s been a long year and a challenging application process, which I truly would not have been able to navigate without the Mentoring Alliance! I’m so happy my friend recommended your services to me. I went from being told by my undergraduate institution not to bother applying this cycle to being motivated, coached, and ultimately getting thrilling results – 8 interviews which led to 3 acceptances and 4 waitlists. Signing up with the Mentoring Alliance was certainly a worthwhile investment.

And most importantly, I have to tell you how much of a privilege and pleasure it was to work with my advisor. In terms of the services paid for, I am beyond satisfied at her expertise that was able to answer any questions I’ve had throughout the process, her prompt replies to texts and emails, flexibility to schedule a call on a days notice, editing of essays, and interview prep. What I didn’t know would be included was her personability, which I’m confident wouldn’t have been matched if I hadn’t found the Mentoring Alliance. Several times throughout the application process she would reach out to me to keep me motivated and stay on top of deadlines, she would call me at times she could sense I was stressed, and reach out to me before interviews to wish me luck and see how I was doing. What I’m also appreciate for, is that I feel she really developed me – comparing myself now to where I was a year ago, I am impressed with the growth I’ve seen. Among other things, I feel that my work ethic, problem solving, and professionalism have come a long way. I have no doubt that her advising is responsible for much of this growth and I’m feeling ready and confident to take on medical school.

Allison | Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University Class of 2023

I am confident that Janet gave me back the confidence and strategies I needed to make the final push during the admissions cycle that ultimately earned me my spot at SKMC. I reached out to Janet late in my admissions cycle, after I had failed to earn a single interview. Through her advice, I ended up earning two interviews late in the season and ultimately got into a great school. I couldn’t have done it without her. Her compassion and insights put me at ease and she gave me the advice that ultimately made all the difference for me. I know I would not be where I am today without Janet’s expertise. I cannot recommend her enough!

Emily Hagen | Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine Class of 2023

After I received the phone call notifying me of my acceptance to my dream medical school, I immediately called Janet and we cried together for minutes. I had the privilege of working with Janet for multiple years, during which time she advised me every step of the way. This included decisions about which courses to take in college, gap year jobs, along with the many steps involved in applying to medical school. Janet was so accessible; we had multiple phone calls, emails, and text messages exchanged over the years. Although Janet had multiple other advisees, I felt that she gave me the time and personalized attention that I sought in an advisor. Janet aimed to understand me as a full person, including my passions, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. She helped me to capitalize on my strengths and address my weaknesses to medical school admissions committees. Through Janet’s guidance, I certainly became a well-informed and well-prepared applicant. I benefited greatly not only from Janet’s expertise and insights, but also her encouragement and support.

There are many half-truths and misunderstandings regarding the medical school admissions process, and Janet intimately knew the best practices for applying to medical school. Overall, Janet deeply understood the unwritten, hidden curriculum behind applying to medical school. I don’t think many people do! Additionally, she knew how to tailor her knowledge to my specific situation as an applicant. Especially noteworthy and meaningful to my application experience was how Janet leveraged her relationships with medical school advisors and deans to help me enter the view of admissions committees.

There are times when I walk down the hallway in my medical school or my medical school’s hospital, and I am just overcome with gratitude for Janet. I cannot recommend her enough!

Darren | Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Class of 2023

Janet is very special to me. I did not know what to expect when I had my first phone call with Janet. I thought I was a smart student who just needed someone experienced to review my essays. Looking back now, I did not fully understand what it meant to become a physician, and my journey with Janet has not only produced the amazing essays but completely transformed me as a person.

I confess that I had wanted to go to medical school for many wrong reasons. But my realization came when I spent almost a week in Texas with Janet to attend an annual AAMC conference. By spending most of the days with Janet to speak with her and observe her, I learned what it meant for a person to embody compassion and love. And from my numerous interviews, I was eventually convinced that those are the exact values that medical schools look for. I was just a medical school applicant who had checked all the right boxes, but Janet taught me how to reflect upon my experiences, myself as a person, and the growth I had through the experiences. Though it was a long and demanding process, I gained a mature view on medicine as a career and on myself as a future doctor. Janet does not just tell you the right things to say or write as an applicant, she is patient in helping you grow as a person to derive the right answers yourself.

Lucas F. | University of St. Augustine, CA, DPT Class of 2023

Jennifer was an enormous help throughout every aspect of my application. She was very responsive and easy to get a hold of through text, phone and email. Her expertise in the application process made planning and reaching checkpoints easy and stress-free. Our conversations always made me more confident and prepared for the next steps, knowing that I had someone I could count on for advice, feedback and moral support. I am so grateful and lucky to have found Jennifer and I do not think I would have made it this far without her. Despite having a subpar GPA and uncertainty about my chances of success, I was admitted into my reach school, thanks to Jennifer!

Jen | Rush Medical College Class of 2023

I definitely recommend Janet to medical school applicants! Janet aimed to understand me – including my interests, strengths, goals, and motivations for applying to medical school – which really allowed Janet and I to work together in a very personalized way. With Janet’s guidance and insight, I became a well-informed and well-prepared applicant. Janet understands the hidden curriculum behind the medical school admissions process. I benefited greatly not only from Janet’s expertise and insights, but also from her encouragement and support. Janet cares about each of her students – we’ve remained in touch even after I’ve started medical school. I ultimately had a handful of medical schools to choose from, and I had the opportunity to choose the one that was the best fit for me.

Steven Patalano | Tufts Medical School Class of 2024

Choosing to work with The Mentoring Alliance was the best decision I made during the application cycle. AMCAS is an extremely complicated process to navigate, and my advisor was a wealth of knowledge at every turn. Through working with the Mentoring Alliance, I learned that becoming a successful medical school applicant is just as much about strategizing and applying smart as it is about having a strong academic background. Fortunately, Mentoring Alliance gives you the tools to enhance this crucial but underrated aspect of your application. Further, my advisor was always prompt and responsive to my needs, and her confidence through tough decisions proved invaluable.

When I received an acceptance to my top medical school, my advisor was the first person I called. It was a tremendous feeling to work with an advisor who not only has an insider perspective to medical school admissions committees, but was someone that I viewed as a close personal friend. My successes were just as much my advisor’s as they were my own, and I was proud to share any good news with her. I am confident in saying that regardless of my outcome, choosing to work with the Mentoring Alliance was the right decision for me.

Ricky Patel | University of Florida Class of 2017

I recently matched into fellowship in Cardiology and was thinking about how long this has been an aspiration of mine, and who helped me get here. 7 years ago, your guidance and assistance made a huge difference in my life. I wanted to thank you again for your help and wish you well in your current endeavors! Thank you so so much for your help.

Khushboo | Johns Hopkins, ABSN to MSN program Class of 2020

Jennifer was great! Very timely, flexible, and accommodating to all my needs. Despite being on
different sides of the country, Jennifer was flexible to my schedule and made sure to check-in
with me at least once a week during the critical application times. Answered all my questions
and doubts and if she did not know she would ask a colleague and get back to me within the
week. I would not be where I am today without her! Thank you, Jennifer!

Sonia Patel | Special Master's Program at University of South Florida Class of 2022

Jen was extremely helpful during each step of my post-bacc application process. She guided me from the beginning by helping me decide which programs were the best fit for me and my ultimate goal of attending medical school. From there, she helped me showcase my individual strengths and perfect my personal statement. Her guidance and knowledge eased all my concerns and made me a more well-prepared and confident applicant. She was extremely responsive and reviewed my personal statement drafts quickly. I’m so thankful for her support and encouragement. I received multiple acceptances and will be attending my top choice SMP because of her help!

Student Entering Medical School in 2022 | Undecided for Now Class of 2026

I had the opportunity to work with Janet and Elyse during this past application cycle. I felt like I was running into this situation blind and I was definitely nervous given how the pandemic disrupted a lot of work I was banking on to improve my application. Janet and Elyse were there for me from day one and spent hours upon hours with me one-on-one and in group sessions to help me flesh out my own personal narrative and journey. They helped me to think about my experiences from different perspectives and learn how to be more reflective; something that is not just beneficial for applying to medical school, but an important life skill. I have had a lot of success in this cycle and I do not think I would be in this position without their guidance and support. I highly recommend working with them. They are amazing advisors and good people, and I believe the latter is most important.

Alanna Perlin, MD | Wellstar Atlanta Family Medicine Program | Miller School of Medicine Miami University Class of 2022

Jen was with me every step of the way throughout the residency application process, truly starting from ground zero with me halfway through my M3 year. Without her personalized approach to my application, my needs, and my strengths/weaknesses, I would not be able to proudly say I matched at the best possible program for me. I am easily the only person I know who had all the components of my application ready weeks (if not months) in advance – all according to a timeline Jen and I were able to build together. If you are looking to invest in yourself and your future, you NEED to work with Jen! No one will be a greater cheerleader or motivator throughout what is an incredibly daunting process otherwise. I cannot emphasize enough how smoothly things went for me, someone with myriad red flags on her application, because of Jen’s guidance. Thank you, Jen, for everything!

Elyse | Internal Medicine at UMass Memorial Medical Center | University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2022

With David | Diagnostic Radiology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center | Tufts University School of Medicine Class of 2022

When my fiancé and I began the process of transitioning from third to fourth-year medical students, we were daunted by the task ahead. We attended two different medical schools and were preparing to apply to residency as a couple. We felt like we needed more guidance to optimize our chances and make the most of our applications. We were put in touch with Jen, who instantly became our coach and cheerleader throughout the entire process. Jen always made herself available, whether through email or text, and was quick to respond. She reviewed our applications, performed mock interviews with us, equipped us to present ourselves in the best possible manner to program staff, and fielded any other random questions we encountered throughout the process. We are really grateful to have had Jen’s guidance in this journey and could not speak more highly of her. We were successful in our couples match and both landed at programs we are excited about! We believe that Jen’s support helped us to achieve this outcome.