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Medical School Admissions Advisors

The Mentoring Alliance is a group of compassionate, expert medical school admissions advisors who share the purpose of helping premeds reach their goals of becoming medical students. When you work with The Mentoring Alliance, you will have a primary advisor to guide your journey through the application process, while our combined knowledge and reach as a consulting team will support your candidacy.

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Janet Snoyer

Janet’s advising career in Ithaca, NY has involved work as a learning strategies counselor, admissions officer at a university, teacher of college success courses, college success counselor, writer of committee letters for students applying to medical school, and chief advisor at an Ivy League university that sends over 250 applicants to medical school each year. She has advised students on every aspect of the medical and dental admissions cycle.

Janet has a natural ability to identify individuals’ distinguishing characteristics and strengths and then help her clients build confidence in themselves. She believes that anyone can achieve their dream of becoming a doctor if they are honest about themselves and take the time that they need to build their case for medical school. Janet continually builds relationships with medical schools and stays updated on admissions criteria and recruiting strategies by attending conferences and visiting schools. Through these connections, Janet is able to provide useful information to her clients and act as an advocate for them through the admissions cycle.

Elyse Perruchon

Elyse Perruchon brings her background in scientific inquiry, technical writing, and medical office administration to help applicants reflect on and write about the unique strengths, experiences, and goals they bring to the medical community. As an associate advisor and expert editor at The Mentoring Alliance, she works closely with Janet Snoyer to develop and implement a comprehensive application advising program and coach applicants throughout the application cycle.

Ally Dove

Ally is passionate about medicine and helping others succeed. A nationally registered EMT, Ally graduated from UCLA with at B.S. in Anthropology and a minor in Evolutionary Biology. After college, she spent time working as a medical assistant at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco. Ally has worked in Yosemite National Park as an EMT and SAR technician, responding to 911 and search and rescue calls. Over the past year, Ally has worked in COVID-19 step-down units as part of the New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps COVID-19 deployment. Fall 2021, Ally will start medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) in Milwaukee. She knows how challenging medical school applications can be and is excited to assist future students on their journey!

Ally Dove

Danielle Harvey

Danielle brings over a decade of advisory experience within competitive institutions to help individuals navigate transitional milestones in life, primarily the transition from college to graduate school and career. A self-professed “grammar nerd,” Danielle is formally trained in advanced grammar, usage, and narrative writing and is passionate about helping others to write clearly while presenting themselves with confidence. Danielle has worked as a medical school application reader with UCLA for the past four years and is familiar with the hallmarks of an effective application.

Danielle Harvey
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