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April Checklist: What Should I Be Doing Now?

by Ally Dove in What Should I be Doing Now? No Comments
April Checklist: What should I be doing now?

At this point in the cycle, it is important to stay motivated. 

  • If you are studying for the MCAT, keep up the great work, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 
  • Wrap up letter of recommendation requests: Each person you intend to ask for a letter of recommendation should be notified via email, phone or in person (COVID permitting). 
  • Prepare a resume and supporting documents (précis) to aid your letter writers. 
  • Outline and write your personal statement.
  • Outline and write your work/activities.
  • Prepare for and schedule the situational judgment tests that many schools require: CASPer and AAMC SJT
  • Journal daily to archive content for essays and interviews – respond to these three questions: 
    • What surprised me? 
    • What touched me? 
    • What inspired me?

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