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Taking a Journalistic Approach to the Activities Section

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How to Write the Activities Section: A Journalistic Approach

Whether you are a current student, full time employee or somewhere in between, it is imperative to journal regularly, and over time you will accumulate stories, feelings and snap-shots of your life. By taking a journalistic approach, you will create a content library of your own experiences, and ease the task of writing. 

Each day, write a reflection for these three questions:

  • What surprised me? (This tells us about your worldview, the way you think)
  • What touched me?  (This tells us about your emotional life)
  • What inspired me?  (This tell us about what speaks to your soul and gives you purpose) 

“Your journal will include tangible items, such as books read, interviews, shadowing experiences, names, events, places, and dates. It will also include entries about less tangible items, such as thoughts, impressions, perceptions, feelings, considerations, evaluations, comments, questions, and comparisons.” 

Missouri State Undergraduate School Pre-Health Advising

Once you are ready to write the descriptions of your activities, use the first few sentences to “set the scene.” Describe the activity and the environment or setting. Use the rest of the space to demonstrate (give evidence for) the core competencies you developed, drawing from your journal. Choose words carefully to maximize the limited space provided. 

For each activity, list out the relevant competencies. Then:

Part I: Set the Scene

  • How much time did you spend and how often?
  • What was your role and what were your responsibilities?
  • Who else was involved?
  • How can you show the competencies you developed by the way you describe your role or actions?

Part II: Reflect

  • What did you accomplish and how did you contribute?
  • What did you learn that you will take with you into your training or career as a physician? 

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